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Indian health care costs have increased hugely over the years with medical inflation rising higher than the already high regular inflation. This along with an increasing number of multi-specialty hospitals in the country makes healthcare unaffordable for most Indians unless they have adequate medical insurance. The services offered at these hospitals are at international standards however the costs are high as well. The high-cost health care services in India are posing a huge financial burden on families. Mediclaim insurance policies have become essential for everyone to pay medical bills in case of an unexpected medical emergency. The Indian insurers are soon going to upgrade to a smart card-based approval system. This could save a lot of crucial time which is usually lost during cashless hospital admissions. These cards will work like credit or debit cards and will come with pre-loaded or pre-defined credit limits depending on the health insurance policy specifications and benefits chosen by the customer. It can work as a simple swipe and pay mode through online payment getaways.

This crucial development in the health care industry is said to have evolved after understanding the need for speed of processing at hospitals that rely on third-party administrators (TPAs) which are the intermediaries between the policyholder and the insurance companies. The growing rate of health insurance users at hospitals sure needs this kind of affirmative technology intervention to remove the limitations and speed up the process of patient admissions and claims assistance.

Hospital authorities will also find their work a lot easier with the smart card swiping facility. Mediclaim insurance holders will be soon going to use this facility and find the hospital patient admissions quicker and hassle-free than ever before.

All those uninsured people wondering about buying a policy should be aware that it is smarter to have health insurance coverage than not having it and regretting it during medical emergency situations. Comparing and buying or using a policy during an emergency situation is quick and easy for health insurance policyholders. If you are planning to buy a policy get free quotes and understand health insurance benefits offered from all leading insurers in India.

Health insurance policies offered by prominent insurance companies in India are offered for free quote comparison at Eindiainsurance. The premium calculation can allow customers to decide on the type of coverage and medical benefits as per their budget and insurance requirements. It will not take much time to complete a simple online application to get free quotes of Indian mediclaim insurance policies.

How does one buy a health insurance policy online?
The health insurance policy purchase process can be variable from insurer to insurer. There are some health insurance policies that can be bought online or they are also called e-polices. There are other policies that would need medical check-up reports of the customer and documentation to issue the policy. The time taken to issue a health insurance policy can vary and all information can be sought by speaking to customers at Eindiainsurance.

The health care industry and health insurance services have been improved with the involvement of technology. The smart card, online facilities, compare engines, online appointments… are saving a lot of time and energy for both the customers and health care industry professionals. The information on health care is adequate and all a customer need is few minutes to use their laptops, smartphones, tablets… and acquire the data they need.

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