Top 15 Life Insurance Companies in India: Updated List

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Life is uncertain and unpredictable. One can only have a proactive measure in place to deal with unpleasant situations. Hence, the concept of ‘insurance’ was introduced with a motive to mitigate the risk and to provide protection. Insurance is the primary way of managing life risk. There are various types of insurance policies available today to protect your loved ones and the things you love. In a life insurance policy, Insurance indemnifies to pay the insured person’s family a certain sum of money in the event of the insured’s demise. When it comes to choosing the right insurance plan, you are spoilt with choices as there are various insurance players in the market offering plenty of unique plans.

In India, there are 24 life insurance companies operating which have been approved and recognized by IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in India), which is a regulatory body for insurance and reinsurance industries.

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Importance of insurance

Insurance is an essential cost that one needs to make in order to secure the future of his/her family. Even the financial advisers suggest you avail of insurance before you start with your financial planning. Insurance is an important necessity for various reasons. Following are some of the reasons:

  1. Insurance provides you with financial security and a safety net:
    If something unforeseen happens to the bread earner of the family, the financial situation of the family may come to a standstill. Insurance compensation can become a source of income for the family and stabilize the finances. With insurance, your family is financially secure even when you are not around.
  2. Insurance safeguards you and your family’s future goal:
    The sudden demise of a family’s breadwinner can have the worst repercussions on the family’s financial stability. With insurance, your family can achieve financial stability even when you are not around. Also, their future financial goals will stay intact.
  3. Insurance encourages savings:
    There are various products offered by life insurance companies that not only provide life cover but also provide a provision for wealth creation to achieve future goals. The requirement of periodic investment into such products encourages savings. For example, endowment plans, money back plans, unit-linked investment plans etc.
  4. Insurance is an effective risk management tool:
    The insurance covers uncertainties such as the risk of death, risk of getting hit, falling sick and many more. Insurance is all about managing these risks effectively. Every insurance policy provides coverage against insured risk.
  5. Insurance provides peace of mind:
    As insurance manages risk effectively, you can only make regular payments towards insurance and stay tension-free. Peace of mind is what you get by insuring.

Top #15 insurance companies in India:

Following is the list of top insurance companies in India

  1. Life Insurance Corporation of IndiaLife Insurance Corporation of India popularly known as LIC is the largest life insurance company in India owned by the Government of India. LIC, one of the top 10 insurance companies in India, came into existence in the year 1956. LIC makes insurance accessible for every person in any corner of the country with 2048 branch offices, 113 divisional offices, 8 zonal offices and 1408 satellite offices. Currently, LIC’s total assets under management are INR 3,111,847 crores (USD 450 billion). LIC being the dominant insurance player has a huge customer base of over 29 crores policyholders. LIC is a trusted insurance brand that offers great convenience to its customers through its excellent customer services on the digital platform and also through branch offices and various other tie-ups. LIC offers numerous life insurance products that can meet the unique needs of a variety of customer segments. For all the milestones it has achieved, LIC has been consistently recognised and awarded. Following are some of the awards received by LIC:
    • LIC has been consistently winning the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award
    • According to the Brand Trust Report, LIC has been consistently voted as ‘India’s Most Trusted Brand’ in the BFSI category
    • LIC has won ‘Best Life Insurance Company of the Year’ and ‘Most Preferred Life Insurance Company of the Year’ award
    In fact, the flexibility offered with the LIC plans is so diverse that choosing a LIC policy itself can be quite a dilemma. To make things easier for you, we have compared the top policies offered by LIC along with their features and benefits in the post linked below.
  2. Max Life Insurance CompanyMax Life Insurance Company founded in the year 2000 is the largest non-bank private sector insurance company in India. Max Life Insurance Company is a joint venture between Indian Max India Ltd, a multi-business Indian corporation and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, a Japanese Insurance Company. Max life insurance company is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in India with assets under management of INR 90, 407 crores.The company has a customer base of more than 32 lakhs. With a strong online presence, a wide portfolio of products, multi-distribution channels and offices across the country, Max Life Insurance Company provides high-quality customer services. Max Life has been receiving awards and recognitions consistently. With a high claim settlement ratio, Max Life has been awarded as ‘Claims Service Leader’ and ‘Excellence in Claims Service’ by CMO Asia Awards.Max Life Insurance allows you to select from multiple types of products being offered by them in the market. You can read more about Max Life Insurance and check their insurance plans below.
  3. HDFC Life Insurance CompanyHDFC Life Insurance Company, one of the top insurance companies in India is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd, a leading housing finance institution in India and Standard Life Aberdeen, a global investment company. Founded in the year 2000, HDFC Life offers a wide array of insurance and investment solutions to various customer segments. HDFC Life serves its customers across the country through 390 branches and additional distribution touchpoints and bancassurance partners. With a strong digital platform, services are accessible easily to the customers. HDFC Life has received many accolades and awards for its continuous contribution to the Indian Insurance Industry. Following are some of the details:
    • HDFC Life is ranked as ‘Most Valuable Private Life Insurance Indian Brand’
    • HDFC Life has received ‘Creative Excellence Award’ at INDIAA awards 2018
    • HDFC Life has received ‘Best Life Insurance Company’, ‘Best Analytic Initiative of the Year’ and ‘Best Underwriting Initiative of the Year’ at BFSI awards.
    • HDFC Life is recognised as the Best 50 PCI Companies for 2019
    • HDFC Life has received the YUVA Unstoppable Changemaker award in 2021
    • HDFC Life is recognised as Superbrand 2021
    HDFC life insurance offers considerable flexibility with their insurance policies, at 99.07%, their claim settlement ratio is quite impressive as well. Click the link below to know more about the life insurance plans offered by HDFC.
  4. ICICI Prudential Life InsuranceICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company is promoted by ICICI Bank Limited and Prudential Corporation Holdings Limited. Founded in the year 2000, ICICI Prudential Life is one of the best insurance companies in India having its presence all over the country today with its strong bancassurance channel and multiple distribution channels. ICICI Prudential Life’s assets under management as of 30th June 2021 is INR 2,231.71 billion. With the customer-centric approach, ICICI Prudential Life offers various long-term protection and savings plans for a diverse customer segment. For its excellence in the field of insurance, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company has been receiving many accolades and awards. Let’s take a look at a few of such recognitions.
    • ICICI Prudential Life is ranked as one of the ‘BrandZ Top 75 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2020’ and also awarded as ‘’Best Contact Centre’’ by the Customer Fest Leadership Awards 2021.
    • ICICI Prudential Life has received the ‘Life Insurance Company of the Year’ award at the India Summit and Awards 2019
    • ICICI Prudential Life has received ‘Life Insurance Provider of the Year’ by Outlook Money Awards 2018
    • ICICI Prudential Life has received the ‘Best Term Insurance Provider of the Year’ award by Money Today Financial Awards 2017-18
    • ICICI Prudential Life is awarded as ‘Best Customer Orientation in Life Insurance’ award by Emerging Asia Awards 2018
    • ICICI Prudential Life is awarded as ‘Best Growth in Life Insurance’ category by Emerging Asia Awards 2018
  5. Tata AIA Life Insurance CompanyTata AIA Life Insurance Company is a joint venture between Tata Sons Private Limited, one of the largest business groups and AIA Group Limited, Asia’s largest insurance group. Tata AIA Life Insurance Company’s assets under management in 2021 is INR 46,281 crores. Being one of the trusted insurance brands in India, Tata AIA Life offers numerous insurance solutions starting from protection to wealth creation. The policies provide simple solutions for unique insurance needs along with excellent customer service.Read more about Tata AIA Life Insurance and get information on their insurance plans to secure your future today.
  6. Bharti AXA Life Insurance CompanyBharti AXA Life Insurance was founded in the year 2006. It is a joint venture between AXA Group and Bharti Enterprises. The strong financial expertise and domestic business excellence of these companies have laid a strong background for the company. Bharti AXA Life has introduced various innovative insurance products to cater to the unique needs of customers. Bharti AXA Life’s distribution network is spread across 123 cities in the country. The company offers various plans starting from protection plans to save, health and group plans and most of them are offered conveniently on an online platform.Bharti AXA won the ASSOCHAM Award in March 2019 in recognition of excellence in the field of insurance and also received the award for customer service excellence! To browse through the various plans offered by them, click on the link below.
  7. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance CompanyBajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company founded in the year 2001 is a joint venture between Bajaj Finserv Limited of Bajaj Group. Bajaj Allianz Life has 759 branches across the country to offer innovative insurance solutions to various customer segments. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is known for its strong innovative products and timely customer service. The company has won various awards and recognition for its contribution to the insurance industry. Following are some of the awards received by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance:
    • Bajaj Allianz Life has been recognised as the ‘Digital Marketer of the Year 2018’ in the insurance category
    • Bajaj Allianz won the ‘Customer Service Excellence Award’ at the NASSCOM BPM Strategy Summit 2018.
    • Bajaj Allianz Life ranked amongst the Top-75 Most Valuable Indian Brands
    • Bajaj Allianz Life has received Digital Technology Senate Awards 2021.
    • Bajaj Allianz Life has won the Red Hat APAC Innovations Award 2020.
    Ranked amongst the Top 75 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2019, Bajaj Allianz is one of the leading Indian insurance providers. Read about Bajaj Allianz Life insurance plans and check out their policies by clicking below.
  8. SBI Life Insurance CompanySBI Life Insurance Company is a joint venture between State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest bank and BNP Paribas Cardif, a French multinational bank and financial services company. Currently, SBI Life Insurance has an authorized capital of INR 20 billion (USD 290 million). SBI Life was first started as a bancassurance business which is now extended to the multi-distribution channel. With customer service excellence and product innovations, the company has been growing year on year. SBI Life has received many awards and accolades for its work in the field. Following are some of them:
    • SBI Life has won the ‘Brand of the Year 2016-17’ award in the insurance category
    • SBI Life has won the ‘Private Sector Life Insurance Company of the Year’ award at the Fintelekt Insurance Awards
    • SBI Life has won ‘Bancassurance Leader, Life Insurance’ in the large companies category.
    • SBI Life has won ‘Insurer of the Year’ in 2020 by FICCI
    • SBI Life has won Best Covid Response-Towards Customers Towards Communities award at ASSOCHAM 13th Global E-Summit 2020.
    SBI Life Insurance is one of the market leaders for life insurance policies in India. It offers different policies with several benefits for the policyholders.
  9. Reliance Nippon Life Insurance CompanyReliance Nippon Life Insurance Company, founded in the year 2001 is one of the leading insurance companies in India catering to various segments of people. Reliance has more than 10 million policyholders. The company has made insurance accessible for many through its strong distribution network of 713 branches. Reliance Life has a product for every possible need of the individual. The company has received many awards.
    • Reliance Life has received Best Digital Customer Experience Award and TechCircle Business Transformation Awards 2021. 
    • Reliance Life has received ‘Innovative Insurance Provider of the Year’ at ET BFSI Excellence Awards 2019
    • Reliance Life has received the ‘Best Risk Innovation of the Year’ award
    • Reliance Life has won the ‘Best Life Insurance Company (innovative Products)’ title
    Browse different insurance plans by Reliance Nippon by clicking below and get a life insurance cover today.
  10. AEGON Life Insurance CompanyAEGON Life Insurance Company, founded in the year 2008 is one among the best to offer various life insurance solutions to various customer segments. AEGON Life is a new age company with a strong digital presence and a diverse product portfolio. The company has received many awards and recognition
    • AEGON Life has received the ‘’Digital Company of the Year – 2020’’ award and ET BFSI Award in 2019.
    • AEGON Life has received the ‘E-business Leaders Award’ at Indian Insurance Awards
    • AEGON Life has received the ‘Celent Model Insurer Asia Award’
    • AEGON Life has won ‘Most recommended Life Insurance Brand 2013’
  11. Aviva Life Insurance CompanyAviva Life Insurance Company is a joint venture between Aviva plc, a British Assurance Company and Dabur Group, an Indian conglomerate. With more than 121 branches and 9000+ employees, Aviva Life has been offering a wide array of insurance products starting from protection plans to savings and retirement plans. Online products, customer service and many more areas make the company one of the top insurance companies in India. Aviva Life has been awarded as the ‘Best and Most Trusted Brand, 2019’Aviva Life Insurance Company was declared to be the Most Trusted Private Life Insurance Brand for the years 2018 and 2019 by TRA, Brand Trust Report – India Study. You can read more about the company to select a plan from Aviva Life Insurance below.
  12. Birla Sun Life Insurance CompanyAditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company, founded in the year 2000 is a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Limited. Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company was formed by the coming together of Aditya Birla Group and Sun Life Financial, the leading international financial services organisation in Canada. Birla Sun Life is one of the best insurance companies in India that offers a diverse range of insurance solutions starting from protection plans to pension plans, savings plans and many new-age products. Total assets under management of the company are INR 5,26,151 million as of March 2021. The company has its presence across the country with 386 branches, 7 bancassurance partners, 6 distribution channels and 90,000+ direct selling agents. Birla Sun Life Insurance Company has received many accolades and awards for its continued contribution to the industry.Birla Sun Life Insurance Company had received ‘Successful Performance’ for 4 years Award in April 2005 by The Indo-Canadian Business Chamber. You can get complete information about plans from Birla Sun Life on this page.
  13. Kotak Life Insurance CompanyKotak Life Insurance Company is one of the fastest-growing and top insurance companies in India with a base of 30 million + policyholders. Kotak Mahindra Bank is the parent company for Kotak Life Insurance. Kotak Life Insurance Company offers a diverse range of insurance products to every section of society with unique features. Currently, the company has 32+ products, 18 riders, 10 Unit Linked Investment Plans and 9 group products to offer. Kotak Group has achieved many milestones in the financial services field and has been awarded and recognised consistently for its achievements.Kotak Life Insurance offers several benefits such as protection, wealth creation, tax benefits, and more. The company offers several plans such as savings and investment plans, child plans, savings plans, and retirement plans about which you can read below.
  14. PNB MetLife Insurance CompanyPNB MetLife Insurance Company is one of the best insurance companies in India founded in the year 2001. The company serves customers of over 7,000 locations through its multi-distribution channels by offering numerous life insurance and savings products. PNB MetLife has received many awards for its excellence in the field of insurance.
    • PNB MetLife has won an award for ‘Best in Diversity and Inclusion’ by People Matters Awards 2019
    • PNB MetLife has received the ‘Best Product Innovation’ award for Mera Heart and Cancer Care plans at National Awards for Excellence in Insurance
    • PNB MetLife has been awarded as ‘Most Sustainable Company of India’
    PNB MetLife helps its customers to achieve their financial & security goals through its flexible insurance options. It also offers excellent customer support services for a smooth purchase and redressal. Read more about the Life insurance plans offered by the company by clicking below.
  15. Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance CompanyCanara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company was founded in the year 2008 is one of the top insurance companies in India. The company came into existence by coming together of the two largest public sector banks in India – Canara Bank and Bank of Commerce along with HSBC Insurance Holdings Limited. Canara HSBC OBC Life has a customer base of around 60 million customers. With the huge network of banks and distribution channels, the company is offering insurance products accessible to everyone across the country.Following is the list of best insurance companies in IndiaSl. No.Company Name Claim Settlement Ratio (2017-18)Claim Settlement Ratio (2018-19)Premium (in INR)1.Life Insurance Corporation of India94.45%97.79%17,2282.Max Life Insurance Company95.26%98.74%10,1483.HDFC Life Insurance Company88.63%99.04%12,4784.ICICI Prudential Life Insurance92.03%98.58%12,5025.Tata AIA Life Insurance Company94.00%99.07%9,9126.Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company96.29%97.28%9,4407.Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company83.94%95.01%14,0678.SBI Life Insurance Company92.13%95.03%15,0709.Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company86.11%97.71%11,01210.AEGON Life Insurance Company94.58%96.45%8,33111.Aviva Life Insurance Company92.25%96.06%9,00712.Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company90.51%97.15%10,27013. Kotak Life Insurance Company88.88%97.4%9.55814.PNB MetLife Insurance Company82.40%96.21%10,14615.Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company92.03%94.04%9,491(Please note: Sample premium for the term plans of the insurance company are calculated for INR 1 Cr sum assured taken for 30 years tenure by 30-year-old healthy man)The Indian life insurance market offers freedom of choice to the customers and they can select the plans which suit them best. Select a plan from one of the 15 best companies in India today and gift yourself a safe future.

How to Choose the Best Insurance Company?

While choosing a life insurance product, it is quite natural to choose a product based on recommendations by your friends, colleagues, advisor or just based on the price alone. But, choosing the right insurance company is more important, which involves various aspects to consider. You need to consider some of the important aspects while choosing the life insurance company so that you can reap the maximum benefit in times of need. 

Following are the important factors to consider to choose the best insurance company:

  • Financial solidityWhile choosing a life insurance company, it’s important to look at the financial soundness of the company as life insurance is a long-term investment. You need to look at the solvency ratio of the life insurance company. A higher solvency ratio represents a company’s financial solidity to protect itself from the risk of insolvency during difficult times.
  • Service qualityCustomer satisfaction and service quality are the two important aspects to consider while choosing a life insurance company. It is important to go with the insurance company that offers excellent quality customer service along with high-level customer satisfaction. 
  • Claim settlement ratioClaim settlement ratio refers to the percentage of insurance claims settled by the life insurance company against the total claims received in the particular year. The industry regulator, IRDAI publishes the claim settlement ratio of each life insurance company in the annual report. It’s always ideal to go with life insurance companies that have a high claim settlement ratio.
  • Premium and costInsurance companies will have to incur various expenses such as the commission for intermediaries, agents, cost of advertising, underwriting, etc. However, these expenses will be taken out of the premium charged. Hence, the higher the expense ratio higher will be the premium. With the online plans, Insurance plans are offered at a reduced cost. The premium for the life insurance plans varies from insurance company to insurance company based on your age, type of the plan, features and the coverage amount you are opting for. Hence, while choosing the life insurance company, it is important to compare the plans offered based on the benefits and cost of the insurance products.
  • Product portfolioMost of the life insurance companies in India offer a broad range of products. Every insurance company keeps coming up with innovative insurance products with unique features. While selecting the insurance company, you need to check the type of products it offers and its features that meet your life insurance and investment needs.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

  1. What is the claim settlement ratio?
    The claim settlement ratio in insurance is the total number of death claims approved by an insurance company out of the total number of death claims received by an insurance company for the financial year. The claim settlement ratio denotes the company’s ability to pay or compensate.
  2. What is life insurance?
    Life insurance is a legal agreement between two parties insured (policyholder) and the insurer (insurance company), wherein the insurer indemnifies to pay a certain sum of money to the designated nominee in the event of the demise of the policyholder (insured) in return of premium paid by the insured.
  3. How does life insurance work?
    Life insurance covers the risk of death. In case the policyholder dies during the policy term, compensation, as agreed in the life insurance agreement, will be paid to the designated nominee of the policyholder.
  4. What are the tax benefits offered under life insurance plans?
    Premium paid towards life insurance investment qualifies for tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The benefits paid out in a Lump Sum are exempt from income tax under Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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