Ways to Secure Your Two Wheeler from Thieves

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The motor vehicles act has made it mandatory for every two-wheeler to have third-party insurance coverage and rightly so, mainly because two-wheelers are way more vulnerable to road accidents as compared to other vehicles.  A THIRD-PARTY BIKE INSURANCE will cover your vehicle against any third-party injury or property damage caused due to an accident.

However, if you are seeking complete protection for your bike as well, it is recommended to buy a COMPREHENSIVE TWO WHEELER INSURANCE policy. It protects your vehicles against natural and man-made calamities as well as provides coverage for situations like personal accidents, theft, third-party liability, and many more. And considering the number of accidents and theft two-wheelers are involved in, it is definitely worth it to spend on a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

Two Wheeler Thefts are More Common than You Think

Just because it has not yet happened to your bike doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Two-wheeler theft is a very widespread problem with all kinds of bikes being stolen from everywhere. And there is no sure-shot way of preventing it. Bikes that are kept without proper precautions can be stolen easily and bikes that are well locked are towed away into the back of the van. Urban areas are more prone to bike theft as the population is high and people usually do not recognize each other, thus the chances of anybody doubting you for riding a bike are very rare.

Ways to Prevent Bike Thefts:

Lock your steering lock

You might argue that steering locks are easily defeated, but locking them is the first step towards securing your bike. If your bike’s ignition and steering locks are separate, it works in your favor as the thief will need to get through two locks in order to run away with your two-wheeler.

Anchor your bike to something heavy

A two-wheeler with multiple locks can also be taken away in a truck. To enhance the security of your bike, it is recommended to add a cable to it and anchor it to something heavy. This will prevent your bikes from getting towed away. If nothing heavy is available, try anchoring it to a nearby bike and leave your number there in case the other person wishes to move his bike.

Use more than one lock

Always use one (or two) additional locks in addition to your bike’s built-in lock. Thieves are often trained on how to break through inbuilt locks of bikes but they probably won’t be prepared to deal with different types of external locks.

Buy high-quality locks and chains

Do not settle for anything less than the best when buying security tools for your bikes. A lock made of hardened steel and of size 5/8 inch or greater is rated high. A lock that rings an alarm when attempted to break open scares the thieves away.

Park your vehicle in a well-lit location

Always select a well-lit, preferably crowded area to park your bike. The last thing a thief would want is his face visible in a CCTV camera installed around.

Be alert

Professional thieves keep an eye on bikes that are parked in the same venue every day. They notice the timings and make a plan. Therefore, it is important to be alert and park the bike at different locations even around the office or home. If possible, keep the bike covered to avoid unwanted attention

How a Two-Wheeler Insurance Safeguards You against Thefts

No precaution is 100 percent safe against thieves. Regardless of people taking all the precautions, thefts do take place. What happens then? Will you bear all the losses?

Not if you have a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. A comprehensive insurance policy protects you against vehicle theft. This means, if your vehicle is stolen, the insurance company will compensate you based on the IDV of the vehicle.

In order to submit a CLAIM against vehicle theft, you first need to file an FIR in the nearest police station and then submit a copy of the FIR along with other policy documents to get the money.


In today’s times as the security system of two-wheelers is getting stronger, the thieves are also becoming smarter putting your vehicle at the risk of theft all the time. While being alert and taking precautions are key for your vehicle’s safety, you need a two-wheeler insurance policy to provide you coverage against theft. This is especially critical with all the high-end bikes people own these days.

By investing a little amount, you will get protection not only against theft but also for situations like personal accidents, third party liability, natural calamities, and many more.

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